Is WordPress Good For SEO and helps in google ranking?

When the development of SEO optimized website is considered, WordPress plays a major role. Since its release time 2003, wordpress has come a long way helping non-technical individuals to build great websites. It was initially used as a blogging tool but later became well known as an excellent content management system. Statistics depict that WordPress is used by 23.8% websites in the whole world. Our team at a digital marketing agency in Bangalore has come up with the top reasons why WordPress is the best tool for SEO and digital marketing. 

Advantages Of WordPress For Beginners

If you are already using the WordPress you will understand why I am explaining you with such excitement. Here are the advantages we have figured out while using the platform:
  1. It is extremely easy to use
  2. All the basic features are free. You need to pay if you need to purchase a premium theme.
  3. Contains thousands of free plugins that you can use to customize your website.

However, I am not proclaiming that WordPress is the only CMS to offer such a wide range of values. There are other CMS like Joomla and Drupal. But, WordPress is exceptional especially when SEO is considered. If you are waiting for the strong reasons to start using wordpress for your website or blog, here are they.   

Web 2.0




Devian Art

Fc2 Blog

Live Journal



Build an Optimized Website In Just a Few Clicks: 

If you lack coding and development knowledge, creating a website is definitely a daunting task for newbies. Moreover, you are able to access most of the feature for free or else you would have to pay a lot to get such a responsive website done from outside. You can download and install wordpress for free in 5 minutes typically. However, you need to get some technical knowledge to set up your website on your hosting provider. It demands you to be little technical oriented. Many of the web hosting providers have made this whole process as a one-click installation. You need not have to learn any PHP codes for this job! 

Social Bookmarking Site

Open Source and Extensive Support

Yes! WordPress is an open source and this is enough to say that it is a powerful CMS platform everyone can use. You can literally choose from the thousands of themes. It includes both free and paid. Are you planning to get the SEO job done on your WordPress website? Yes, related themes and plugins are also available. 

Easy To Implement SEO techniques

Being a website owner, I can super leverage the power of WordPress site to build a complete on-page SEO in an outstanding manner. However, with the help of wordpress you can implement all the basic of SEO on the page without any need for complications or coding.  

Social Media
Google Plus

Easy To Structure Permalinks, Optimize Content, Site Speed Maintenance

Make sure you have set the URL settings to post name option so that it automatically takes the optimized URL as and when you edit. Nextly, add H1, H2, H3, and paragraphs wherever required on a content page based on the SEO regulations. Ultimately, it has all the options you need to build a keyword rich and SEO optimized content. 

Final Words

WordPress is the most common platform used by people from all over the world. Even at our digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we have worked on wordpress based websites and helped them rank on google. With the help of SEO friendly plugins, URL structure, it has become the most popular platform among digital marketers as well as webmasters.  

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